Chi Protocol

The World's First Scalable Stablecoin Backed by LSTs


USC in Circulation

Protocol Reserves

USC Yield Paid

stETH Yield Paid

CHI Burnt

How Chi Works


Deposit LST/ETH as collateral

Mint USC

Mint USC at a 100% collateral ratio

Earn Real Yield

Stake USC to earn more USC and stETH

Building The Future of Money

Solving the Stablecoin Trilemma with USC

100% Backed and Fully On-Chain

All USC tokens are pegged at 1:1 with USD and are backed 100% by Chi's reserves, which are securely held in Ethereum smart contracts


USC is fully reserved and stable due to Chi Protocol's algorithms


Does not require overcollateralisation


No assets are held on centralised exchanges or banks

Start earning with CHI

The Governance Token with ETH Staking Yield and Token Burns

Real Yield

Stake your CHI tokens to start earning LSTs as CHI stakers have the privilege of receiving the ETH staking yield from the LST reserves

Token Burns

CHI experiences token burns when there is overcollateralisation of USC and the price is trading at $1 or higher

Decentralised Governance

Participate in the DAO by locking your CHI tokens and you can begin receiving veCHI incentives and enhanced LST rewards