Enabling the Future of Decentralised Money

USC token

USC is a decentralised, scalable, fully backed stablecoin which is 1-1 USD pegged. Anyone can mint USC and stake it to receive native stablecoin yield

What Makes USC Unique?

Intrinsic Yield

Captures native stablecoin yield through arbitrage

Censorship Resistance

USC is globally accessible and immune to censorship


100% collateralised without overcollateralisation


Fully collateralised on-chain by permissionless LSTs

Fully Backed

USC is exchangeable via arbitrage for protocol's collateral

Deep Liquidity

USC is readily tradable for ETH or other assets via protocol-owned liquidity

Zero Fees

Minting & Redeeming USC incur no costs

Peg Stability Mechanism

Smart contracts automatically ensure stability, no need for centralised counterparts