Enabling the Future of Decentralised Money

USC token

USC is a decentralised, scalable, fully backed stablecoin which is 1:1 USD pegged. Anyone can mint USC and stake it to receive a native stablecoin yield

What Makes USC Unique?

Intrinsic Yield

Captures native stablecoin yield through arbitrage

Censorship Resistance

USC is globally accessible and immune to censorship


100% collateralised without overcollateralisation


Fully collateralised on-chain by permissionless LSTs

Fully Backed

USC is redeemable for the protocol's collateral

Deep Liquidity

USC is readily tradable for ETH or other assets via protocol-owned liquidity

Capital Efficient

USC is minted 1:1 against ETH and LSTs

Peg Stability Mechanism

Smart contracts automatically ensure stability; No need for centralised counterparts